One day, a really great idea was born. This idea was about sharing some powerful testimonies: deep hurts, bad decisions and unholy living. What if- anyone of you could turn that past life into a bridge for others to cross? A bridge that brings them to the only one who can save them?

What if you could do it in front of thousands of lost and hurting souls? Not everyone can write a book. Not everyone has the means to travel from church to church. But, we all can talk.

We are turning these transforming stories into a niche podcast show. This podcast show will be broadcast all over iTunes and other outlets. 

These testimonies are not intended to show sin in an exciting light, but just the opposite. These testimonies are not intended to glorify the speaker, but to glorify the only one who deserves real praise. Jesus Christ.

What if every bad thing you ever did could save others lives? What if you had the chance, the opportunity to praise the one who saved you from yourself? What if you could prevent someone else from years of pain and heartache?

Wouldn’t you?

If you feel lead to do so, we invite you to go to our page titled: “Be on our podcast show” to learn more and fill out the form.

What the enemy means for harm, God can turn around and use it to for your good (Romans: 8:28)